Torkel Knutsson Net Worth, Salary, Weight, Age, Bio 2020

Torkel Knutsson Net Worth

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Torkel Knutsson net worth

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Torkel Knutsson net worth
Torkel Knutsson net worth salary
Torkel Knutsson net worth salary
Torkel Knutsson net worth
Torkel Knutsson salary
Torkel Knutsson net worth
Torkel Knutsson salary




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Torkel Knutsson information

Death date: 1306

Profession: Director, Actor, Writer
Torkel (Tyrgils or Torgils) Knutsson, known well as Marshal Torkel, (?–1306) of Aran?s, was constable and virtual ruler of Sweden during the early reign of King Birger Magnusson (1280–1321).Torkel hailed from an old noble family of West Geatish ancestry and was related to the Folkungs, the royal family, and like them, he had a lion in his coat of arms. He was first mentioned in 1282, and in documents from 1288, he is mentioned as a knight and a member of the privy council (riksr?d).When king Magnus Ladul?s died, Torkel became regent for the underage king Birger, being the highest state official and because Magnusforeign-born widow, Hedwig of Holstein, was not trusted to such powerful position yet.When Tavastland had been attacked by the Republic of Novgorod, in 1292, marshal Torkel led the third Swedish crusade against Novgorod, in 1293 and conquered parts of Karelia, where he founded the stronghold of Viborg. In 1299-1300, he led an attack against the Novgorodians, and on the Neva River, he founded the fortress of LandskronaHe showed the same concerns about Swedish interior politics. During his regency, the law of Uppland was established. He acted as Birger Jarl had done in the conflict against the church, in order to abolish the clergys tax exemption. The clergys discontent became apparent in 1303.The old trade treaties with L?beck were re-established, on condition that the town did not provide Novgorod with weapons or provisions.In the struggles between king Birger Magnusson and his brothers, the dukes Eric and Valdemar, Torkel was faithfully on the kings side. At Torkels castle Aran?s, in 1304, the two dukes had to sign a declaration that they would neither in Sweden, nor abroad, work against the king nor cause him harm. In spite of this declaration, the two dukes fled abroad and with the support of the Norwegian king Haakon V of Norway, they attacked V?sterg?tland. Torkel helped the king conquer the castle of Nyk?ping, which belonged to duke Eric, and in Kols?ter (1305), he forced the two dukes to sign a declaration that they would not cause any harm to Torkel either.When the power of the dukes was on the rise again, the marshal had to reconcile with the church, and he ordered a charter on the renewal of the churchs old rights, in 1305.However, Torkel was finally struck by the vengeance of his enemies. The dukes managed to win the trust of the king and poisoned the kings mind against his marshal. In December 1305, King Birger and the dukes arrived at Torkels estate Lena (where formerly the Battle of Lena had taken place) in V?sterg?tland, and arrested Torkel who was taken to Stockholm in chains. In February 1306, the faithful marshals head was cut off. The dukes were so hateful against Torkel that his body was entered on the place of execution. It was later moved and properly buried at the Franciscan church in Stockholm.

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