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Ted McKenna Net Worth

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Ted McKenna salary

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Ted McKenna net worth salary
Ted McKenna net worth salary
Ted McKenna net worth
Ted McKenna net worth salary
Ted McKenna net worth salary
Ted McKenna net worth salary
Ted McKenna salary




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Ted McKenna information

Birth date and age[BOD]: 1950-03-10
Edward TedMcKenna (born 10 March 1950, Lennoxtown, East Dunbartonshire, Scotland), is a Scottish drummer, who has played with bands Tear Gas, The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Rory Gallagher, The Sensational Party Boys, and The Michael Schenker Group. He also toured with Ian Gillan for a short period in 1975 alongside fellow former SAHB bassist, Chris Glen. He lectured in Applied Arts at North Glasgow College from 1996–2011. McKenna was educated at St Patricks High School, Coatbridge. His studies included Double bass lessons at school, several piano lessons, and a year under Glasgow big band veteran, Lester Penman. He has worked as a bandmember for several artists, including Rory Gallagher from 1978–1981. He additionally worked as a session musician with Greg Lake & Gary Moore in The Greg Lake Band 1980–81, the Michael Schenker Group in 1981–84, Bugatti & Musker, 1982, Ian Gillan, and a solo album for Nazareth singer Dan McCafferty, in 1975.Ted also had his own band after his time in MSG called McKennas Gold. Formed at the end of 1986 this band played together for just over two years and featured Charles Bowyer/vocals, Julian Hutson-Saxby/guitar, Alex Bowler/bass and Steve Franklin/keyboards. Julian Hutson-Saxby later played guitar with the reformed Sensational Alex Harvey Band after Zals departure in 2008.In 1992, Ted & Zal Cleminson decided to get together again and they put together an outfit called The Party Boys an idea Ted had in Australia whilst working with Womack and Womack. They had keyboardist Ronnie Leahy from Stone The Crows come in, and invited well known and respected rock singers to come up and do their thing. Singers such as Stevie Doherty, Fish, and Dan McCafferty to name a few. It wasnt before long that the band decided to get reunited with SAHB keyboardist Hugh McKenna and reform as SAHB. This line up included Stevie Doherty from Zero Zero & Peter Goes To Partick on vocal duties, and they released a live album titled LIVE IN GLASGOW 93which is still regarded as one of the best live albums the band did as it shows both their technical abilities, and their rockierspin on the SAHB classics. The band later disbanded in 1995 after a gig with Maggie Bell at The Pavilliaon Theatre in Glasgow.In 2004, Ted again reformed SAHB with remaining members Zal Cleminson, Hugh McKenna, and Chris Glen, but this time introduced vocalist Max Maxwell, formally of The Shamen, which originally was to be a farewell tour, but with the success they received, the band decided to keep it together and do various other tours and festivals from 2004–2009. Some of the festivals the band performed were:The Wickerman Festival & The Sweden Rock Festival in 2006The Tours were:2004 – Brick By Brick, 2005 – Zalvation, 2006 – Dogs of War, 2007 – Hail VibraniaIn this time they also released a live album Zalvation, which was the bands first official release since Rock Drill in 1977 with Alex. They also performed various tours across the UK, Eu

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