Richard Hobert Net Worth, Biography 2020

Richard Hobert Net Worth

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Richard Hobert net worth

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Richard Hobert net worth
Richard Hobert net worth salary
Richard Hobert net worth salary
Richard Hobert net worth salary
Richard Hobert salary
Richard Hobert salary
Richard Hobert net worth salary




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Richard Hobert information

Birth date and age[BOD]: 1951-12-01

The place of birth (POB): Kalmar, Kalmar l?n, Sweden

Height:64 (1.93 m)

Profession: Director, Writer, Composer
Richard Hobert (born 1 December 1951) is a Swedish scriptwriter and film director.Hobert was born in Kalmar. He studied political science, languages and film/theatre at the Lund University from 1970-73. He debuted as a radio playwright in 1974. Hobert worked as a writer and assistant director up to his debut as a director in 1978. During the eighties he wrote and directed several TV-films, among them the internationally awarded The Twelve Months of Summer, Age Unknown and The Fifteenth Chieftain.His debut on the big screen 1993, Spring of Joy, was the first film in a cycle of seven, called The Seven Deadly Sins. The stories were focused on the same Swedish family, ranging from comedy to drama and even a thriller. He wrote, directed and co-produced the huge project during the nineties. Spring of Joy was awarded the prestigious The Ingmar Bergman-Prize, Bergman with Bergman?s personal motivation:A Masterpiece. Spring of Joy as well as the other films in the Cycle:The Hands,Autumn in Paradise, Run for your life, The Eye, Where the Rainbow ends and The Birthday received Scandinavian and international awards. In 2002, Everyone loves Alice was a major critic?s and box office success. The film won the Best European Film award at The Hollywood Film Festival. This powerful film is reminiscent in intensity and intimacy of Ingmar Bergman?s gripping 1973 film Scenes From A Marriage (Hollywood Reporter). His next film,Three Suns, a medieval love story, was considered a disappointment and was widely criticised. A year later, 2005, Hobert returned to the big screens with Harrys Daughters, starring Lena Endre and Amanda Ooms. The film, about the violent conflict between two sisters after the loss of a child, was generally received as a powerful comeback and praised as one of his best films ever. In the following years Hobert wrote several theatre plays. He also directed one of them, Security , (USA: Manhattan Security ) successfully at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm.In 2011 he once again returned to the cinema. He wrote and directed A One-Way to Antibes .The tragicomic drama, about a half-blind widower who learns that his children have conceived an elaborate plan to get their hands on his assets before he dies -and the does a counterattack-was a big critic?s success and the legendary actor Sven-Bertil Taube received a National Award for Best Leading Male Actor in January 2012. The film was also very successful in the theatres, running for seven months.Hobert was married to actress Lena Endre 2000-2012.

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