Peter Bryant Net Worth, Income 2020

Peter Bryant Net Worth

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$6’000’000. *This information was provided by Maryanna, 55 years old. From New Prague, Minnesota
$6’000’000. *This information was provided by Cathee Yokoe, 37 years old. From Huttig, Arkansas


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Peter Bryant salary

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Peter Bryant salary
Peter Bryant net worth salary
Peter Bryant net worth
Peter Bryant net worth salary
Peter Bryant salary
Peter Bryant salary
Peter Bryant net worth




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1,75m.***This information was provided by Sylvester Sloan, 32 years old. Job: (Hide Splitter). From Bemidji, Minnesota.
How big is Peter Bryant weight?

72kg.**This information was provided by Martie Donnell, 48 years old. From Momence, Illinois.
75kg.***This information was provided by Deeann Menzelfricke, 21 years old. From Manila, Utah.


Peter Bryant information

Birth date and age[BOD]: 1923-10-27

Death date: 2006-05-19

The place of birth (POB): London

Profession: Actor, Writer
Peter Bryant (27 October 1923 – 19 May 2006) was the fourth producer of the BBC science fiction programme Doctor Who. He was born in London.Bryant was originally an actor and appeared in the 1950s soap opera The Grove Family. Later, he became a BBC Radio announcer while writing radio scripts as a sideline. This led to him becoming a script editor in the Radio Drama Department and eventually the head of the Drama Script Unit. About seven years later, he transferred from radio to television, where Head of Serials Shaun Sutton put him to work with script editor Gerry Davis on Doctor Who.Having acted as Associate Producer on The Faceless Ones and The Evil of the Daleks, he was full producer for The Tomb of the Cybermen and then the bulk of the later Patrick Troughton stories from The Web of Fear to The Space Pirates. He was also the script editor on The Evil of the Daleks, The Abominable Snowmen and The Enemy of the World. One of Bryants last contributions to Doctor Who was the casting in 1969 of Jon Pertwee as the Third Doctor.During this time he was married to actress Shirley Cooklin but they eventually divorced.He later became a literary agent to writers and a casting agent to actors. One of his clients was Doctor Who writer Eric Pringle.Peter Bryant died in 2006, aged 82, after a year-long battle with cancer.

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