Mike Paterson Net Worth, Money

Mike Paterson Net Worth

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$60’000’000. *This information was provided by Yancey, 20 years old. Job: (Rougher Operator). From Morgantown, West Virginia
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Mike Paterson net worth salary

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Mike Paterson salary
Mike Paterson net worth salary
Mike Paterson net worth salary
Mike Paterson net worth
Mike Paterson net worth
Mike Paterson net worth
Mike Paterson net worth salary




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1,69m.*This information was provided by Edouard Calorio, 34 years old. Job: (Hopper Attendant). From American Falls, Idaho.
How big is Mike Paterson weight?

65kg.*This information was provided by Ricardo Purcell-Gates, 55 years old. From Pine Bluff, Arkansas.


Mike Paterson information

Profession: Actor, Stunts

Education:University of Cambridge
Michael Stewart Mike Paterson, is a British Computer Scientist, who was the director of the Centre for Discrete Mathematics and its Applications at the University of Warwick until 2007, and chair of the Department of Computer Science in 2005.He received his doctorate from Cambridge University in 1967, under the supervision of David Park. He spent three years at MIT and moved to University of Warwick in 1971.Paterson is an expert on theoretical computer science with more than 100 publications, especially the design and analysis of algorithms and computational complexity. Paterson’s distinguished career was recognised with the EATCS Award in 2006 and a workshop in honour of his 66th birthday in 2008, including contributions of several Turing Award and G?del Prize laureates. For his work on distributed computing with Fischer and Lynch, he received the Dijkstra Prize in 2001, and his work with Dyer and Goldberg on counting graph homomorphisms received a best paper award at the ICALP conference in 2006. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society since 2001 and been president of the European Association for Theoretical Computer Science (EATCS). According to EATCS president Maurice Nivat, Paterson played a great role in the late 1960s in the recognition of computer science as a science, “ and that theoretical computer science, which is very close to mathematics but distinct in its motivation and inspiration, is indeed a challenging and fruitful field of research.” He is also an enthusiastic mountaineer.

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