Michael Isikoff Net Worth, Salary

Michael Isikoff Net Worth

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Michael Isikoff net worth

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Michael Isikoff net worth
Michael Isikoff net worth salary
Michael Isikoff net worth salary
Michael Isikoff net worth
Michael Isikoff salary
Michael Isikoff net worth
Michael Isikoff salary




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Michael Isikoff information

Birth date and age[BOD]: 1952-01-01

The place of birth (POB): USA

Profession: Miscellaneous Crew

Education:Medill School of Journalism

Spouse:Mary Ann Akers
Template:Multiple issuesMichael Isikoff (pr. /??s?k?f/, born 1952) is an investigative journalist, formerly with the United States magazine Newsweek. He joined Newsweek as an investigative correspondent in June 1994, and has written extensively on the U.S. governments War on Terrorism, the Abu Ghraib torture and prisoner abuse, campaign finance and congressional ethics abuses, presidential politics and other national issues.On July 1, 2010, Isikoff became the national investigative correspondent for NBC News, a position which he resigned in April, 2014, citing the networks move in a direction that left him with fewer opportunities for his work.Isikoff had been prepared to break the Monica Lewinsky scandal, but several hours before going to print, the article was killed by top Newsweek executives. As a result, the story broke first on Matt Drudges Drudge Report the following morning. His book on the subject, Uncovering Clinton: A Reporters Story, was named Best Non-Fiction Book of 1999 by the Book of the Month Club.In January 2007, Isikoff married Washington, DC political gossip columnist Mary Ann Akers, who currently writes The Sleuth for washingtonpost.com.

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