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Martha Colburn Net Worth

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Martha Colburn net worth salary

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Martha Colburn net worth salary
Martha Colburn net worth salary
Martha Colburn net worth
Martha Colburn net worth
Martha Colburn net worth
Martha Colburn net worth salary
Martha Colburn salary




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1,83m.**This information was provided by Irwinn Rhiel, 36 years old. From Keaton, Kentucky.
1,78m.***This information was provided by Shelby Abelmann, 48 years old. Job: (Electrical Assembler). From Garards Fort, Pennsylvania.
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82kg.**This information was provided by Luis Underhill, 32 years old. Job: (Cellophane-Casting-Machine Repairer). From Brownstown, Indiana.
78kg.***This information was provided by Zack Lindsey, 34 years old. Job: (Rotary-Kiln Operator). From El Portal, California.


Martha Colburn information

Birth date and age[BOD]: 1972, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, United States

The place of birth (POB): Pennsylvania, USA

Profession: Director, Animation Department, Writer

Education:Maryland Institute College of Art

Movies:Triumph of the Wild, Myth Labs, Dolls vs. Dictators
Martha Colburn is a filmmaker and artist. She is best known for her animation films, which are created through puppetry, collage, and paint on glass techniques. She has made over forty films since 1994. Colburn has also been fervently involved in playing music. One out of numerous groups she has been a part of is The Dramatics, a band she formed in Baltimore with Jason Willett. Recently in her career, Colburn has made sculptural/video installation work and experimented with integrating her films with musical performance. Yet music and film have always shared a deep connection within Colburn’s work. She is represented by Horton Gallery in New York City.

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