Mark Ernest Frechette Net Worth, Money 2020

Mark Ernest Frechette Net Worth

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Mark Ernest Frechette net worth salary

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Mark Ernest Frechette salary
Mark Ernest Frechette net worth
Mark Ernest Frechette net worth
Mark Ernest Frechette net worth salary
Mark Ernest Frechette net worth
Mark Ernest Frechette net worth
Mark Ernest Frechette salary




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Mark Ernest Frechette information

Birth date and age[BOD]: December 4, 1947

Death date: 1975-09-27

The place of birth (POB): Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Profession: Actor
Mark Frechette (December 4, 1947 – September 27, 1975) was an American film actor. He is best known for his lead role in the 1970 film Zabriskie Point, directed by Michelangelo Antonioni, in which he was cast despite having no previous acting experience.He appeared in two other films made in Italy and Yugoslavia, Many Wars Ago (Uomini Contro, 1970) and La Grande Scrofa Nera (1971).He tithed his $60,000 earnings from Zabriskie Point and other films to Mel Lymans commune.Frechette was selected from among thousands during a casting process that lasted nearly a year. He was discovered in Boston by Sally Dennison, Antonionis assistant and casting director, while in the middle of a violent shouting match at a Charles Street bus-stop. As Antonioni toured the U.S., experiencing culture clash first hand and shooting backilogramround footage, Dennison saw Frechette, a carpenter, scream and throw a flowerpot at a woman on the street. Another version centered on Frechette getting in a verbal argument with a person who was on the third floor of an apartment building above him, which is the one referred to in many interviews. He’s twenty and he hates, Dennison told Antonioni. The director immediately cast Frechette, a non-actor, in the films leading role: a student, wrongfully hunted for the murder of a policeman during a college uprising. Mark Frechette and Antonioni disagreed bitterly about the script during filming.Despite the films being a critical and box office failure, Frechette enjoyed a period of considerable publicity, his face gracing the covers of Look Magazine in November 1969 and Rolling Stone magazine on March 7, 1970. He also notably appeared on the cover of Sight and Sound, the March 1970 and September 1970 covers of Films and Filming alongside several other magazine. He also appeared in the November 1969 issue of Vogue (magazine) in a fashion shoot. He appeared on the Merv Griffin Show alongside Abbie Hoffman when the latter controversially wore the American Flag as a shirt and Frechette got in a fight with another guest, which was later discussed during his appearance on the Dick Cavett Show in April 1970 with his Zabriskie Point co-star Daria Halprin. He and Daria were romantically involved for a time after the film and often referred to as the first counter-culture couple.On August 29, 1973, he and two members of the Fort Hill commune attempted to rob the New England Merchants Bank in the Fort Hill section of Roxbury, a poor neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts. One of the members of the commune, Christopher Herc Thien, was killed by police and Frechette was arrested and sentenced to the minimum security state prison in Norfolk, Massachusetts. According to the Hungarian Wikipedia article on Zabriskie Pointthe Hungarian film director in emigration, Dezso Magyar wrote the following in the March edition of the Filmkulturamagazine about this incident: To give you an example, my first friend was Mark Frechette, protagoni

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