James Samuel Net Worth, Height, Weight

James Samuel Net Worth

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James Samuel net worth

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James Samuel salary
James Samuel net worth
James Samuel net worth salary
James Samuel net worth salary
James Samuel salary
James Samuel salary
James Samuel salary




Height, Weight

How Tall is James Samuel?
How Much Weight Does James Samuel?
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1,85m.***This information was provided by Germain Flecker, 49 years old. Job: (Brush Operator). From Saint Joseph, Illinois.
How big is James Samuel weight?

81kg.**This information was provided by Earl Chieppa, 36 years old. Job: (Superintendent, Seed Mill). From Paducah, Kentucky.
66kg.***This information was provided by Pierson, 54 years old. Job: (Splitter Tender). From Lone Pine, California.


James Samuel information

Birth date and age[BOD]: 1824-03-21

Death date: 1874-01-01

Profession: Transportation Department Nationality:British
James Samuel (1824–1874) was a railway engineer who was born in Glasgow on 21 March 1824. He was appointed engineer to the Eastern Counties Railway in 1846. He held two important patents but, in both cases, the invention was the work of another.

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