Hans Kirk Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Hans Kirk Net Worth

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Hans Kirk net worth

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Hans Kirk net worth
Hans Kirk net worth
Hans Kirk salary
Hans Kirk net worth salary
Hans Kirk net worth salary
Hans Kirk net worth
Hans Kirk net worth




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How big is Hans Kirk weight?
82kg.*This information was provided by Wilbert Moshiri, 30 years old. From Mount Sterling, Kentucky.


Hans Kirk information

Birth date and age[BOD]: January 11, 1898

Death date: 1962-01-01

Profession: Writer
Hans Kirk (1898–1962) was a celebrated Danish author, who penned the best-selling novel of all-time in his native Denmark, The Fishermen (1928). Kirk was a long-time Communist Party member in Denmark and remained active until his death. His novels, which in addition to The Fishermen include The Day Laborers and The New Times, reflect Kirks Marxist-influenced beliefs.Kirks style is noted for subtle punctuation expressions. Perhaps the most striking is the absence of quotation marks, a practice that obscures the presence of narrator/author. Long dashes are used to mark a change of time and the organization of his novels do not use chapter headings, just blank spaces between paragraphs.Although Hans Kirk was a prolific author – in his lifetime Kirk produced eight novels, as well as short stories, essays, and radio plays – he remains relatively unknown in the United States. With the recent translations of The Fishermen, The Day Laborers, The New Times, and The Slave by University of Iowa professor Marc Linder, Kirks novels are now available for the first time in English [1] .

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