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George Eid Net Worth

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George Eid salary

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George Eid net worth
George Eid net worth
George Eid net worth salary
George Eid net worth
George Eid net worth salary
George Eid salary
George Eid net worth




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George Eid information

Birth date and age[BOD]: 0001-06-25

Profession: Producer Nationality:Lebanese

Spouse:Not Married
George Eid (Arabic: ???? ????) (born June 25) is a Lebanese journalist–reporter-anchor who is known for his bold liberal and unresearched reports and articles. He is among the young journalists who appeared after the cedar revolution in Lebanon. At a young age he made a fast debut going through radio, television, e-media and written media in a period of seven years. Whereas he raised many controversial political and humanitarian issues. He also served as a youth shadow Minister of Tourism and Industry (in Interim) in 2007–2008.The 2nd Youth Shadow government after the bill was passed on December 12, 2005 by the Lebanese cabinet to establish and support such a structure, which was developed by MP and Editor in Chief of An-Nahar daily, Gebran Tueni who was assassinated during the Cedars revolution.His reports and columns ranged between many Lebanese newspapers, most extensively An-Nahar and Al-Aamal between 2007-2009.Prior to this Eid received the Said Akl award in 2007 for best poetic performance. He was also awarded the first prize from the international library of poets for his poem Life.In 2007 and after the July war, Eid participated in the UNDP conference (Malta) and helped to issue the overall report on the oil spill pollution in Lebanon whereas he had an active role in the treatment of many of the Lebanese shores from Jieh to Jbeil.He was also the Editor in Chief of the weekly magazine Al Raii el Aam (public opinion), in addition to that he occupied the seat of Political editor at the Webnewsagency [1] in 2008. Eid also wrote for many magazines in Freelance such as Timeout-Beirut, Naharashabab [2], Elite, El taswik el Arabi-Dubai, Haya-Dubai.By the end of 2008, Lebanese Radio CEO Fouad Hamdan asked Eid to present a talk show on Radio Lebanon tackling the Lebanese elections in June 2009. Eid Proposed the name Saadat Al Nakheb [3], which was swiftly approved and began airing on January 9, 2009. The show voiced out the youths and independent politicians opinions. In a review by Annahar saadat al Nakheb was described as an innovative new show that is well in time and in need. The show aired till the end of June 2009, That is when he started the show Lana wa Lakum which tackled the daily issues of the society, the show ended by September 2009.On April 7, 2009 Eid started his television career with the newly reborn Murr television, whereas he became a Reporter known for his special reports which covered a range variety of issues from social to political with an innovative style of reporting.On October 7, 2010, the MTV correspondent received threats [4] related to his reporting on the intriguing purchase of lands by Hezbollah in the eastern part of the Lebanese capital Beirut. A step which has been considered to cause demographic imbalance in the region [5].However despite the threats Eid prepared and aired a follow up report on the same issue on October 23, 2010 [6] and another on November 26, 2010.On the 15th of Jan

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