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Devan Net Worth

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$43’000’000. *This information was provided by Jaine, 45 years old. Job: (Thrill Performer). From Bluewater, New Mexico
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Devan net worth salary

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Devan net worth
Devan net worth
Devan salary
Devan salary
Devan salary
Devan salary




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How Much Weight Does Devan?
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How big is Devan weight?

63kg.**This information was provided by Orion Terres, 42 years old. From Martinez, California.
60kg.***This information was provided by Terza, 53 years old. From Salem, Indiana.


Devan information

Birth date and age[BOD]: 1913-09-08

Death date: 1957-05-05

The place of birth (POB): Thiruvidaimarudur, Thanjavur District, India

Profession: Actor
Devan (R. Mahadevan) (8 September 1913 – 5 May 1957) was a 20th-century Tamil writer, known for his witty and humorous stories.Devan was a competent and accomplished writer, who used several interesting and varied techniques in fiction writing. From travelogues to recipes, from detective stories to social dramas, he has written them all.

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