Cole Taylor Net Worth, Salary 2020

Cole Taylor Net Worth

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$43’000’000. *This information was provided by Sharyl, 50 years old. Job: (Panel Cutter). From Prince, West Virginia
$29’000’000. *This information was provided by Fannie Dalton, 43 years old. From Costilla, New Mexico


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Cole Taylor net worth

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Cole Taylor salary
Cole Taylor salary
Cole Taylor net worth
Cole Taylor net worth
Cole Taylor net worth salary
Cole Taylor net worth
Cole Taylor net worth salary




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1,65m.**This information was provided by Josiah Cascio, 42 years old. From Seminole, Texas.
1,64m.***This information was provided by Corrie Babai, 40 years old. Job: (Photofinishing Laboratory Worker). From Bragg City, Missouri.
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87kg.**This information was provided by Riva, 21 years old. From Loranger, Louisiana.
60kg.***This information was provided by Monica Cline, 24 years old. From Lewisville, North Carolina.


Cole Taylor information

Profession: Actor
Cole Taylor was a pornographic actor who primarily worked in gay adult film in the 1980s. He debuted in 1984, delivered a notable performance in a bisexual film, and starred in what may be gay adult films first safe sex film in 1985. He died in 1989.He made his debut in the Nova Studios production Heroes (1984). His acting debut was inauspicious. One reviewer for Manshots magazine noted, …Taylor was certainly cute, but he lacked the look or sound of mature authority needed to play the role of a teacher convincingly. That was however, the role assigned him by [the director]. …Taylors line readings sounded so frothily coy and cheerful, youd have thought hed studied with Billie Burke. Miscasting, then had sabotaged a key part of the old Nova formula: That nothing in a mans looks, environment, or voice should seem stereotpyically gay.Despite this performance, Taylor continued to perform in adult film. He turned in only two more notable performances, in Full Grown, Full Blown, and the bisexual production Cross Over. Although his performance may not have been notable, another of his films was. Lifeguard, an original performance produced in 1985 by HIS Video, may be the first safe sex gay adult film ever made. In between scenes, Robert Bolan, president of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, discussed safe sex practices. Gay adult film historian Jeffrey Escoffier notes that the film showcased some of the most popular performers of the day, which included Taylor. By the end of his career, Cole Taylor made about 25 pornographic films.According to adult film historian Rex Hardesty, Taylor died in 1989. Hardesty did not disclose the cause of death. According to the industry publication Adam Film World, Taylor was bisexual.

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