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Claire Thompson Net Worth

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$98’000’000. *This information was provided by Harli Deihl, 31 years old. From Onondaga, Michigan
$19’000’000. *This information was provided by Lib Correia, 52 years old. Job: (Demonstrator, Electric-Gas Appliances). From Kalskag, Alaska
$93’000’000. *This information was provided by Saba, 56 years old. Job: (Battery Charger). From Dyess Afb, Texas


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Claire Thompson salary

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Claire Thompson net worth salary
Claire Thompson net worth salary
Claire Thompson salary
Claire Thompson salary
Claire Thompson net worth
Claire Thompson net worth
Claire Thompson salary




Height, Weight

How Tall is Claire Thompson?
How Much Weight Does Claire Thompson?
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1,69m.**This information was provided by Ronda, 40 years old. Job: (Case Preparer-And-Liner). From Raymondville, New York.
1,85m.***This information was provided by Margarete, 54 years old. From Halleck, Nevada.
How big is Claire Thompson weight?
78kg.*This information was provided by Wallache Maller, 52 years old. Job: (Slip-Cover Sewer). From Niagara Falls, New York.


Claire Thompson information

Profession: Miscellaneous Crew, Production Manager
Claire Thompson is a BDSM author who has had over fifty novels published since 1996. Claire explores the romance of M/F erotic submission, as well as the darker side of the BDSM experience. She has also written a collection of M/M BDSM erotic romances. Ms. Thompson has been the recipient of numerous awards for her writing, including the prestigious National Leather Association 2010 Pauline Reage Excellence in BDSM Fiction award. She is a prolific writer currently (2012) banging out four finished novels a year despite being in her early 50s now and a mother of two children too.Previously published with Elloras Cave, Samhain Publishing, Black Lace Series and others, Ms. Thompson created her own imprint, Romance Unbound Publishing, in 2009.

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