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Ann Shin Net Worth

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$62’000’000. *This information was provided by Atlante Munao’, 58 years old. From Minatare, Nebraska
$90’000’000. *This information was provided by Emmey, 39 years old. Job: (Irrigation Engineer). From Marshall, Indiana


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Ann Shin salary

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Ann Shin salary
Ann Shin salary
Ann Shin net worth
Ann Shin net worth
Ann Shin salary
Ann Shin net worth salary
Ann Shin net worth




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80kg.**This information was provided by Car Jenneve, 58 years old. From Manning, Oregon.
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Ann Shin information

Profession: Producer, Miscellaneous Crew, Director
Template:Multiple issues Ann Shin is a filmmaker and writer based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.Her journalism career began at CBC Radio where she produced for a number of shows including Metro Morning, Tapestry, Roots and Wings, Sunday Morning Live. During this time she produced sound poetry and radio documentaries, including How to Breathe the Air of our Ancestors, which won a Gold Medal at the New York Festivals in 1998. Realizing her love for long-form documentary, Ann moved into television and began to produce for television series for a number of networks, as well as direct independent documentaries. Her documentary credits include the award-winning 2012 documentary film The Defector: Escape from North Korea (2012), The Four Seasons Mosaic (CBC (2005), Western Eyes (CBC Newsworld) (2000), The Roswell Incident (History) (1998), Almost Real (CBC Newsworld) and How to Breathe the Air of Our Ancestors (CBC Radio) (1998). Ann has produced programs for CBC, TVO, PBS, HBO, ABC, Slice, HGTV, W, Discovery and History, and her programs have sold in territories in the US, Europe, Australia, East Asia and Southeast Asia.Her films have garnered numerous awards and screened at film festivals around the world, including SXSW, Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival, the San Francisco Film Festival, Thessaloniki International Human Rights Film Festival, Montreal World Film Festival, New York Festivals, Mumbai International Film Festival and the Chris Awards.Ann also creates new media projects such as interactive websites and apps. Her latest cross-platform project The Defector: Escape from North Korea won Best Documentary and Ann Shin won Best Documentary Director at the 2014 Canadian Screen Awards, as well picking up the SXSW Interactive Festival Award, the FITC Award and nextMedia Canadian Digi Awards. Currently, she is in post-production on the BravoFACT documentary short film My Enemy, My Brother.Ann is also a poet and fiction writer, with work published in various anthologies and magazines in both Canada and the United States. She is one of four poets featured in Crossroads Cant, published by Broken Jaw Press in 1997. Mansfield Press published her first volume of poetry, The Last Thing Standing in 2000 to acclaim. In 2013, Brick Books published her second book of poetry, The Family China which won the 2013 Anne Green Award].

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